About Me

Sam KoMy name is Sam Ko and my motto is “creativity meets ingenuity.” I believe in working hard and working smart, thinking outside of the box to solve problems creatively. This is a unique combination of attributes that I bring to every project, endeavor, or task.

With 5 years of marketing experience I possess a strong understanding of digital commerce, data visualization, marketing automation, demand generation, and market research. My work experience has taken me to a variety of sectors namely high-tech, retail, telecommunications, health care, and human resources. Together, my academics and career enable my diverse perspective.


“Working with Sam was a pleasure. Its always nice to work with people that see work as more than a task, but as an opportunity to develop and learn and Sam showed a sincere eagerness to learn. He worked quickly, consistently met project deadlines and demonstrated a true interest in the business of marketing. Sam delivered good work and communicated well.”
Former employer

“Sam Ko’s creativity and passion for collaboration stand out as his extraordinary leadership qualities. Throughout our work together, he constantly challenged me to approach our work with creativity, and to produce deliverables which showcased each of our individual skills. As an “outside the box” thinker, Sam’s passion for doing things differently and having high expectations for our academic output pushed our team to excel and produce work which we were always truly proud of.”
Jennifer Laidlaw – University of Victoria MBA Graduate, 2009 Cohort

“I believe Sam to be a strong communicator, and he has used every opportunity to strengthen the cohort’s communication in the last 18 months. Sam recognized the importance of academic contribution, and shared readings and class notes by utilizing his expertise in information technology. He served as the focal contact person for both the IIME and our MBA 596 project and ensured timely delivery of critical information.”
Anonymous – University of Victoria MBA Graduate, 2009 Cohort


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